MSU president apologizes to Nassar abuse survivors

Dec 15, 2017

Top leaders at Michigan State University today Friday offered apologies to victims of sexual assaults by a sports doctor who was on the faculty. They also created a 10 (m) million dollar fund to pay for counseling and other services.

The 150 thousand dollar raise will go to a scholarship fund.

Simon, who is resisting calls for her to step down, apologized to girls and woman who were abused by Doctor Larry Nassar.

“I am truly sorry for the abuse you suffered, the pain it’s caused, and the pain it continues to cause today.”

“Today’s apology is not enough and comes too late.”

Some of Nassar’s victims also spoke at the meeting. 

A tearful Kaylee Lorincz (LOR’-enz) says she has trouble sleeping, can’t go the doctor alone, and doesn’t trust people. 

“I can only imagine how my life would have been different if only MSU had done its job in protecting me.”

Simon praised the victims who came forward.

“Without your voices and your courage, Nassar wouldn’t be behind bars. You have our deepest thanks, and appreciation.”

Protesters crowded into a meeting of the MSU Board of Trustees. One survivor of Nassar’s assaults called the apology “not enough and too late.”

The university also announced it’s creating a 10 (m) million dollar fund to pay for counseling and other services for Nassar’s victims. The board also voted a 150 thousand dollar pay raise for Simon, which will be donated to a scholarship fund.