MSP Trooper Charged With Felony Assault After K-9 Incident

Mar 5, 2021

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A Michigan State Police trooper is being charged with felonious assault for allowing his police dog to attack a driver for several minutes during a traffic incident last year.

Warning: this story may be upsetting to some people.

The charges stem from an incident that took place last November in Lansing.

Michigan State Police trooper Parker Surbrook was involved in an attempted traffic stop, which turned into a pursuit. The fleeing vehicle eventually crashed, and when Surbrook arrived at the scene, he immediately released his police dog.

The animal began attacking the driver who was laying on the ground.

Video of the incident released by the MSP shows the driver pleading with Surbrook to stop the dog.

“Don’t Move.” “Please sir he’s going to my face.” “I don’t care.” “I’m not moving sir. I’m not moving.”

Surbrook was placed on leave in December as an investigation took place.

The Ingham County prosecutor's office received the findings of the investigation last month.

The MSP says Surbrook will remain on unpaid suspension for the duration of the criminal case.