Midland is site of Cops for Trump event

Aug 18, 2020

Republicans in Midland will hold a Cops for Trump” MAGA Meet Up event on Tuesday in support of the President.

Organizers said the event is intended to make a clear contrast between Democrats, who have discussed defunding the police, and President Trump.

Chris Gustafson is with Trump Victory, a combined effort of the RNC and Trump Campaign in Michigan.

“Law enforcement has President Trump’s back and he has the support of them since he’s been in office since 2017.”

Former Michigan Attorney General Bill Schutte is expected to headline the event.

Gustafson said Schutte is a good spokesperson for a campaign supporting law enforcement.

“I think Bill Schutte has a great record as attorney general. He helped convict some of the biggest predators across the state,” he said. “We had several thousand rape kits backed up in the city of Detroit. His administration helped clear that backlog and put criminals in jail.”