Midland begins flood cleanup

May 22, 2020

Many people in Midland County will be spending their Memorial Day Holiday Weekend cleaning up from this week’s massive flood.

The hum of generators can be heard throughout Midland County.

Many are pumping water from flooded basements,like Audrey Jennings’ parents’ home in Midland,which had eight feet of water in its basement. 

She expects the family will be cleaning up the mess all weekend...

“Unfortunately, we’re going to be ripping out everything out that we can.  Just trying to get air circulating...dry everything up so we can get people in there to look at the damage.”

Just down the street....Harold Lefler and his grand kids are mucking out the home his parents built in 1947.

He says this is the third time it’s flooded. Lefler says once he’s had a chance to repair the damage...he’s selling it.