Michigan will officially adopt tighter PFAs regulations on August 3rd

Jul 22, 2020

New, more stringent PFAs regulations are set to take effect in Michigan after passing through the rulemaking process on Wednesday.

PFAs, or Perflouraykl Substances, are a family of chemicals linked to cancer and other health problems in humans and found at sites across Michigan.

Nick Dodge is a spokesperson for the League of Conservation Voters. He said the new rules are a good sign for the state.

“I think these will have a significant impact on taking us one step closer to addressing this widespread PFAs contamination problem that has impacted so many people in our state.”

In a written statement Governor Gretchen Whitmer said the new rules mean Michigan  “is once again leading the way nationally in fighting PFAs contamination.”

The new rules create maximum contaminant levels for seven specific PFAs, including PFOS and PFOA. That means that Michigan’s previous groundwater clean up criteria of 70 parts-per-trillion, which matched the federal EPA, are now set at 8 ppt for PFOA and 16 ppt for PFOS.

Environmental groups have been hopeful that the tighter standards mean the state may take a stronger enforcement stance against polluters.

The rules take effect August 3rd.