Michigan State University claims privilege for thousands of documents in investigation

Jul 13, 2018

The state Attorney General wants a judge to review every document Michigan State University says is protected by attorney-client privilege. This is part of an ongoing investigation by a special prosecutor into the university.

The investigation involves how Michigan State University handled former M-S-U sports doctor, Larry Nassar. Nassar will spend decades in prison for sexually assaulting his patients.

The university put together a so-called “privilege log” that lists every document it says is protected by attorney client privilege. A judge says once the log is final, he will review every privileged document and make a final determination if the AG’s office can see it.

Bob Young is general counsel for Michigan State. He says he is happy with the decision because it protects the school’s privilege.

“It will absolutely put an end to the AG’s suggestion that we are hiding something from them.”

The AG’s office says it believes M-S-U is not properly applying attorney client privilege.