Michigan officials warn residents to stay vigilant against Covid-19

Sep 10, 2020

Credit Courtesy cdc.gov

Overall case rates of Covid-19 are dropping in Michigan – but some regions are seeing increases.

Speaking at a news conference this morning (THU) Chief Medical Executive Doctor Joneigh Khaldun says areas around Lansing, Grand Rapids and Jackson are seeing a rise in coronavirus cases – while Detroit, Saginaw and the UP are trending downward.

Khaldun says it’s important to stay vigilant – and for parents to put off that playdate.

“I also know again, I'm the mother of three children, that part of the fun of childhood is having gatherings with friends and playdates," said Khaldun. "This social interaction is important for our children's well-being. I completely understand that. But please consider not having those playdates as you normally would.”

Khaldun says that if you must have a gathering outdoors is safer than indoors, but proper distancing should be maintained.

Also, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced a 24-million dollar education initiative to provide two years of college or trade school for frontline workers who stay on the job during the pandemic.