Michigan Democrats divided over Nancy Pelosi

Jan 3, 2019

Democrats in Michigan’s congressional delegation began the new session still divided over their leadership in the U.S. House. Members elected Nancy Pelosi speaker of the House Thursday.

Congressman Dan Kildee of Flint Township previously expressed concerns about Pelosi serving as speaker. He said there should be a plan in place to eventually replace her. Kildee says, because that plan now exists, he ultimately voted for Pelosi.

“I think we, in effect, get the strength and toughness and intellect that she brings to today’s debate. And also, we’ll now have lots of new members, myself included, as a part of the leadership structure.”

Representative Elissa Slotkin did not cast a vote in favor of Pelosi. She was marked only as “present” during the voting.

Slotkin made a campaign promise to fight for new leadership in the House she hoped would be more attuned to issues facing Michigan and the Midwest.

“It is very important to me that on my very first vote I preserved my integrity. And what I said I’m going to do is what I’m going to do. I am not supporting Nancy Pelosi.”

Other Democrats from Michigan also expressed concerns about electing Pelosi as speaker. But all of them ultimately voted for Pelosi.