Medical school dean named in Nassar scandal steps down

Dec 14, 2017

MSU says Strampel is relinquishing his leadership role “for medical reasons,” and will remain on the osteopathic school’s faculty.

As dean of Michigan State’s school of osteopathy, William Strampel was Doctor Larry Nassar’s boss. Lawsuits filed against MSU accuse Strampel of failing to protect Nassar’s patients even after some of them accused the doctor of inappropriate behavior.

They also say Nassar could have been stopped if Strampel and other MSU officials did their jobs. Nassar has pleaded guilty to multiple counts of sexually assaulting girls and women who were his patients, as well as possessing child pornography.

Lawsuits filed against the university by victims and their families say Strampel and other other MSU officials ignored warnings that Nassar was a predator, and supported Nassar following those allegations.