Lawmakers respond to MSU proposed settlement with Nassar survivors

May 17, 2018

Michigan State University faces a potential 500 (m) million dollar settlement. But the school hasn’t said yet how it plans to pay the bill.

The lawsuit stems from how the university responded to former employee, Larry Nassar. He’s the sports doctor who will spend decades in prison for sexually assaulting his patients.

The university announced a settlement with more than 300 Nassar survivors.

But the school has yet to say where the money for the settlement will come from.

Tom Leonard is the Speaker of the House. He says he doesn’t plan to help.

“I don’t know how a university with a larger rainy day fund than what we have could ask us to chip in especially when they created the problem.”

Democratic leader in the House Sam Singh isn’t as hard lined as Leonard. He says he wants to hear what the school has to say – but he doesn’t want students to have to pay for the settlement.