Lansing mayor running for another term

Mar 3, 2021

Credit Courtesy Andy Schor's Twitter

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor is running for another term, as he announced his reelection bid Wednesday. 

Mayor Schor points to the creation of a new neighborhood department, fixing roads and sidewalks, and changes in the Lansing police department as first term accomplishments. 

“We have a brand new grocery store downtown, in an area where there was not as much affordable food for the east side, for the downtown, for Urbandale. We have new parks in south Lansing and downtown.” 

Schor is facing a challenge from Virg Bernero. After three terms as mayor, Bernero chose not to run again in 2017 but now wants the job back. 

Last November, City council member Patricia Spitzley indicated she would run. 

Larry James Hutchinson Jr. Has also filed to run. 

There will be a primary election in August and a general election in November.