Lansing Mall to be memorial site for lives lost from COVID-19

Mar 4, 2021

Credit Courtesy Lansing Mall


A memorial for Michiganders who have died from COVID-19 is going up today (Thursday) at the Lansing Mall.

Paper hearts bearing the names of those who have died during the pandemic have already started going up at the Westwood Mall in Jackson. A second memorial is at the Lansing Mall, and there may be others around the state in the future.


Organizer Cheryl Garza’s husband Freddy died on November 8th. 

“This is just giving people a place to say ‘this was my loved one, this was my person, this was significant other, this was my child,” said Garza.


The Michigan COVID Memorial Facebook page has information on how to submit the name of someone to be included.

Michigan has reported more than 16-thousand coronavirus deaths.