Governor Whitmer may call for a variety of sources for roads fix

Jan 13, 2020

Governor Gretchen Whitmer says she thinks it will take more than one funding source to raise enough revenue to fix the state’s roads and infrastructure.

The Legislature rejected her proposal last year to raise the fuel tax.

Republican leaders were a quick-and-firm “no” to Whitmer’s proposed 45-cent boost in the fuel tax. That impasse stalled wrapping up the state budget. Now, Governor Whitmer seems to be offering up a menu of possibilities.

The governor says she’s willing to put toll roads and bonding on the table, which earlier had been ruled out.

“I think everything is worth discussing, but they’ve got to be serious and they’ve got to be real solutions.”

More could be forthcoming when Whitmer delivers her second State of the State address January 29th.  Her budget proposal rollout will come the following week.