Former MSU president to testify on Nassar scandal

Jun 5, 2018

Former Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon appears tomorrow for a command performance before a US Senate panel. This will be her first public comments since she stepped down in the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal.

Senator Gary Peters of Michigan will be asking some of the questions.

“Why didn’t the university take more immediate, aggressive action when it became apparent what was happening. I think they need to answer to that.”

He says the goal is to figure out what went wrong, and come up with policies to help fight campus sexual abuse.

“Michigan State was a horrible incident, and reprehensible in so many ways, but we’ve also seen this at other universities. So the committee is about looking at this more broadly – what can we learn from what happened at Michigan State to apply to other universities.”

Former executives of USA Gymnastics are also scheduled to appear.

Former athletes and survivors testified before the committee last month.