Destination Out 11/22/2020 Hour 2

Nov 28, 2020

Featuring the official reissue of this legendary 1968 independently produced free jazz album.

Including interview segments with the band's drummer, Hasan Shahid.

Black Unity Trio is recognised today as one of the great independently produced creative music
albums produced in the 1960's. Original pressings of the album today (if you can find a copy)
often sell in four digit figures. Making this highly sought after music (album) not only difficult to find and purchase
but to hear. The official reissue of the album has been anticipated for many years.

Band members;
     Yusef Mumin - alto saxophone
     Abdul Wadud - cello
     Hasan Shahid - drums

Original album was recorded and released in 1968 on the Cleveland based label Salaam Records.