Coronavirus cases increase in Newaygo and Oceana counties

Jun 29, 2020

Credit dmbosstone | / Flickr

Newaygo and Oceana counties are among those that are seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases.


In the last week, Newaygo county saw 26 new cases, while Oceana had the highest increase in the state with 103 new cases.


District Health officials say a majority of cases are coming from farms or factories, not restaurants or other places. They say outbreaks have occurred in five locations.


Clinical Supervisor for the District Health Department 10 Robin Walicki said cases have been steady of late. 


“It is very steady," Walicki said. "I have hope that we will level off or decrease, but honestly I don’t think we can predict. We have a lot of awareness around here and hopefully eventually we will get everybody tested and get a better handle on what happened.”


Walicki said the companies seeing outbreaks are working closely with health officials to ensure employee safety.