Congressman Bergman commits to donating shutdown salary to charities

Jan 11, 2019

Congressman Jack Bergman announced on Thursday that he will donate his salary as long as the government shutdown lasts.

The Congressman said he has also co-sponsored legislation that would stop legislators from being paid during a shutdown.

Bergman said he encourages his colleagues to join in.

“I have made the personal decision, this is a decision my wife and I have made mutually during the last shutdown as well, for every day that we are shutdown as a government I would donate that day’s pay to charities in the first district of Michigan”

Bergman said Democrats need to come to the table and negotiate with President Trump.

“For one side, that would be Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to use security as a bargaining chip is not only shameful it reflects a lack of vision as to what their role really is.”

Democrats in the House introduced legislation to reopen the government on Thursday but it was quickly shot down by Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell, who has said he will not take up legislation that won’t be signed by President Trump.

The President said he will not sign legislation that does not include five billion dollars for a border wall.