Congress expected to vote on bill to require EPA to set limits for PFAS in drinking water

Jan 9, 2020

Congress is expected to vote on legislation Friday that could affect Michigan’s efforts to clean up PFAS contamination. 

PFAS are a group of industrial chemicals. Certain kinds are linked to cancer and other human health problems.

The EPA does not currently have a legal limit in place for how much PFAS is allowed in drinking water. Though the agency has announced it's starting a process to do that for two kinds of PFAS.

The House bill would require the EPA to set limits for PFAS in drinking water.

Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell is the bill’s sponsor.

"I’ve been in Congress for five years.  Every time EPA testifies, I have raised this.  And every time they say ‘we’re going to get’ and ‘we’re going to issue something’.   And they haven’t done it.   And that’s why we need this action.”

The Trump administration opposes the bill and is threatening a veto.