Coast Guard conducting training this week

Aug 17, 2018

The Coast Guard is conducting trainings with state and county agencies this week for water emergencies.


The training prepares emergency responders for a number of situations including on-the-water protestors, ship fires, collisions, and weather events.

Steve Keck is chief of contingency planning for the U-S Coast Guard sector Sault Ste Marie. He said anyone with assets on the water can be involved in the training.

“The Michigan State Police and a lot of our county partners that are in our area of operations for sector Sault, such as Leelanau County, Mackinac County, Marquette County; and then other assets like Mackinac Island Marine Rescue and Department of Natural Resources.”

Keck said joint training allows each group to better understand each others tactics, techniques, and protocols in the event of an incident.