Clement wins race for State Supreme Court Seat

Nov 7, 2018

Justice Elizabeth Clement kept her seat on the Michigan Supreme Court after making two contentious rulings that broke partisan lines.

Although justices appear on the nonpartisan section of the ballot they are nominated by political parties.

Questions were raised by Republicans about endorsing Clement to remain on the court after she broke with other conservative justices on the issues of guns on school property and allowing a political redistricting measure onto the ballot.

Clement said that controversy might have helped her.

“And I think that there was an expectation that there would be some sort of partisan politics at play and that wasn’t the result and that people like to see that.”

Clement said she campaigned on making the court less partisan.

“I think that politics needs to stay out of the Michigan Supreme Court. I’m very committed to that, I’ve said that the entire time on the campaign trail and I think we’re definitely heading in that direction.”

She said over the next eight years she hopes to focus on issues including addiction, mental health, and the foster care system.

Clement was appointed to the Michigan Supreme Court in 2017.

One other state Supreme Court seat remains too close to call.

Incumbent Kurtis Wilder faces tight competition from Megan Cavanagh.