The Children's Bookshelf: Hooray For Books!

Mar 5, 2018

HOORAY FOR BOOKS written and illustrated by Brain Won is a picture book in celebration of reading. It will charm young children 3-6 years of age with its cast of book-loving animal characters including Turtle, Zebra, Owl, Giraffe, Elephant and Lion.


The problem is that Turtle, after searching everywhere, cannot find his favorite book! He even cleans out his entire shell looking for it. Then, he as an idea!


“Aha! Maybe I shared it with...Zebra!”


 And off he goes to get his book. But Zebra does not have it anymore. Turtle wonders if Zebra could have shared it with Owl and off the two of them go to see if Owl has Turtle’s favorite book. This cumulative story cycle repeats itself as Owl thinks perhaps Giraffe has it and Giraffe thinks maybe Elephant has it and Elephant is sure Lion has it and he does! The rhythm of this chain reaction will delight young ears.


Brain Won cleverly includes in his lively pictures the title of each animal’s favorite book adding to the overall fun. For instance, Zebra is reading about unicorns, Owl ‘s book is about eagles, Giraffe is reading Let’s Roller Skate and Elephant is reading a book about juggling. Turtle’s   book, which is finally found at Lion’s house, is all about friends. Naturally, then, Turtle suggests they all read and share together.


The final illustration shows Turtle sitting on Elephant’s ample lap reading his favorite book aloud as his friends listen with rapture and attention. It ends with a big Hooray for Storytelling!


 HOORAY FOR BOOKS! written and illustrated by Brain Won is a charming picture book about books lost, found, read, shared and, most of all, enjoyed.



Questions for HOORAY FOR BOOKS!


In this story Turtle is very sad when he cannot find his favorite book. Have you ever lost one of your books? Did you find it? If so, where did you find it? If not, where was the last place that you remember seeing it? Did anyone help you in your search? What animals in this story helped Turtle find his book?


Turtle’s favorite book is about friends. What is the name of your favorite book? What is it about? Why do you like it so much? Be sure to think about the pictures and the colors used to illustrate the book and the words and sounds used to tell the story. Can you draw a picture of the cover of your favorite book? Try it. Have fun!


Play an “I spy” game by looking back over Brian Won’s wonderful illustrations. Can you find:  a trumpet, a baseball, a carrot, a unicorn standing on a cloud, a pair of black eye glasses, roller skates, an apple core, a book titled Fancy Juggling and the sun?