Cat-astrophe Averted: Kids Pet Show Proceeds in the Rain

Jul 9, 2019

It was raining cats, dogs, and more at the National Cherry Festival 


Maya Miller, 7, of Traverse City carries her "best dressed pet," winner Gizmo during the National Cherry Festival Pet Show on Tuesday morning at F and M Park in Traverse City.
Credit Record-Eagle/Jan-Michael Stump

While the rain discouraged some owners from bringing their pets, a lot of cute critters still made it out Tuesday morning. Kids from all over Michigan showed up with their pets. There, of course, cats and dogs. There was also a guinea pig, a rabbit, a turtle, a bearded dragon, a chicken, a duck, and a pig.

Cat attendance was a bit slim, with only two cats; one of those cats certainly wasn’t slim. 23 pound Fred was the two-time winner of the fattest cat competition. His owners, Sarah, Elyn, Grayson, and Bryn Odette said he’s an easygoing feline. 


Elyn Odette, 8, holds the 23 pound cat, Fred Banks, that she and siblings Brynn Odette, 9, and Grayson Odette, 4, entered in the National Cherry Festival Pet Show on Tuesday morning at F and M Park in Traverse City. Fred Banks won the fattest cat award.
Credit Record-Eagle/Jan-Michael Stump

The other cat was on the other side of the spectrum, 4-week old kitten Blackey was dressed up as a cherry pie. 

When it came to dogs there were many more, and a lot of fun costumes in the “best dressed” and “pet-owner look-alike” contests. From a construction worker bulldog to a scientist golden retriever there were a lot of really excited dogs.

Not all of the dogs were glamorous however, there was also a “ugliest mutt” category. Only one dog entered, that dog was Sprout. 

Sprout’s owner Ashby Mizell said “I think the rain this morning might actually help Sprout look even uglier.”

National Cherry Queen Grace Boyles and her court were in charge of judging the event, about sprout she said this: “he’s ugly, but also really cute!”

Sprout, along with his owners Ashby and Bob Mizell, sitting under a tent waiting out the rain before the pet show.

Boyles said judging was one of her favorite parts in her busy week. 

“It gives the court and I time to see some cute animals, since a lot of us have pets and we haven’t been able to see them all week with our duties for the Cherry Festival,” said Boyles.

For a lot of people in Traverse City, Tuesday may have been a dreary rainy morning, but for many of the attendees and pets of the Cherry Festival’s Kids Pet Show, it was a shining part of a busy and exciting week.