Bridge authority now ask drivers to wear masks

Jul 30, 2020

The Mackinac Bridge Authority announced their recommendation that drivers wear masks when passing through the tolls.

Officials say employees have been wearing masks for a while now, and drivers should reciprocate.


Kim Nowack, Executive Secretary and CEO of Mackinac Bridge Authority, said people often have to speak louder at the toll booth which can increase the likeliness of transmission.

“It’s noisy, so any patron that wants to talk to the collector, they’ll be speaking up or shouting if there is a motorcycle nearby or something like that, so it’s a good idea to have masks on when you're doing that,” she said.

Nowack said, in addition, social distance is not present at the tolls.

“It’s just a reminder for people that since they are within that 6 foot distance to the toll taker it's a good idea if they do wear their mask,” she said.

Nowack said the majority of drivers did not wear masks prior to this. She says so far they haven’t seen a change but will continue to monitor mask wearing.