Biden speaks out about Trump at Warren event

Sep 9, 2020

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says President Trump is not fit for office after new revelations that Trump knew COVID-19 posed a deadly threat even as he downplayed the virus in his remarks to the public. 

Biden weighed in during a campaign event in Warren.

In journalist Bob Woodward’s forthcoming book “Rage” he quotes the President saying he knew how serious the pandemic could be weeks before the first death was confirmed in the US but 'played it down’ to avoid creating panic. 

Biden told officials at a Michigan union hall, thousands of people died from the virus who would not have had to because he says Trump lied to the public. 

“He knew how dangerous it was," said Biden. "And while this deadly disease ripped through our nation he failed to do his job. On purpose.” 

Biden also criticized what he calls the President’s failed promise to bring manufacturing jobs back to Michigan a state Trump narrowly won in 2016.