Attorney General files briefs in cases regarding the sex offender registry

Feb 11, 2019

The Michigan Attorney General has filed briefs in two cases regarding the states sex offender registry.

In a written statement the Attorney General argued that the registry has become too large and doesn’t differentiate between dangerous and low-level offenders.

Kelly Rossman-McKinney is with the Attorney General’s Office. She acknowledged that there are dangerous predators on the list, but she said the registry has grown too large.

“It makes it really difficult for law enforcement offers to know who to focus on and as a result, it makes it really difficult for offenders to ultimately rehabilitate and reintegrate into the community.”

Rossman-McKinney said public access to the registry also has some drawbacks.

“That could certainly encourage vigilantism. Open the possibility for anyone: classmates, work colleagues, community members to be vindictive and retaliatory towards an individual.”

The briefs were filed on two cases before the Michigan Supreme Court which could determine whether appearing on the registry constitutes a punishment, and therefore violates both state and federal constitutions.