120 Nassar survivors call for Engler’s removal

Jun 20, 2018

Survivors of sexual assault want Michigan State University interim president John Engler gone. More than 100 survivors of disgraced M-S-U sports doctor Larry Nassar called for Engler’s termination today.

In the emails, Engler said survivors are being manipulated by attorneys. Hundreds of survivors are suing the school for failing to prevent Larry Nassar from abusing patients while he was on the faculty there.

Engler also suggested that one survivor, Rachael Denhollander is receiving a “kickback” from the lawyers for bringing survivors on board.

Denhollander says Engler is accusing her of manipulating survivors for her own gain – and that’s not OK.

“That’s what Larry did. He took the suffering that we were in and he manipulated it for his personal gain. And he’s accused me of doing the same thing, that’s vile.

Two members of MSU’s governing board have also called for Engler’s ouster.