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State House committee approves bill prohibiting vaccine passports


Republicans in the Michigan House Oversight Committee approved a bill that would prevent government entities from requiring a COVID-19 vaccine passport.

So far, no Michigan agencies have indicated that they would pursue the use of a vaccine passport.

Republicans in Michigan’s House Oversight Committee approved the bill along party lines. Democrats argued the bill isn't necessary because Governor Gretchen Whitmer and other state agencies haven't made any indication that they'd pursue a COVID vaccine passport.

Republican Representative Steven Johnson is the chair of the house oversight committee. He says the new amendment excludes the CDC COVID-19 immunization card from the definition of a vaccine passport.

"If that card is being issued to people for the primary purpose of diminishing and enlarging individual civil and political rights privileges and capacities, then yeah, I’d have a problem with that card," Johnson said. "Now I would guess that the vast majority of people that is not the primary purpose of that card, the primary purpose of that card is for medical records".

Democratic Representative David LaGrand is on the House oversight committee. LaGrand noted to his Republican colleagues that no part of the state government has suggested a vaccine passport.

"I think that properly limited government looks at things that are in front of it that it should be taking action on, and I think that we should be exercising legislative restraint," LaGrand said. "If the governor proposed something, then we would absolutely be ripe for discussion".

Representative Steven Johnson says there will be separate bills addressing private entities requiring vaccine passports.