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CMU students react to presidential election

Results from the election are taking longer this year as key battleground states - including Michigan -  continue to count absentee ballots . Much of the reaction to the delay falls along party lines. 

Claire Salas is a senior at CMU, and supports the democratic party.

“I’m completely fine with the delay and I think it’s fair," she said. "I think that all the votes should be counted. I don't think anybody should announce anything without every single vote being counted.”

Justin Dittman is a junior at CMU. He affiliates with the republican party. 

“It seems a little skeptical that the only delays were from known democratic cities with known democratic leaders like Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Detroit is where most of the delays came from,” he said.

Dittman said he agrees that mail in ballots was needed this year, although he said it should not be allowed in future elections.