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Clare County voters divided by political signage near polls

Nick Westendorp

As voters go to the polls today they may see signs or even picketers supporting candidates near or at polling sites. Provided these are at least 100 feet away they are permitted.


At the Grant Township Hall in Clare County Trump/Pence signs dotted the perimeter and got a mixed reaction from voters.


Breanne Disenger was one voter who was "outraged" by the signs. In her over 20 years voting in the area she said she had "never seen them put political signs on this property."


Credit Nick Westendorp
Signage stating the rules regarding campaigning at Isabella County precinct 12, which the Grant Township yard signs were technically still following.

Ryan, age 30, was another voter who was less than enthusiastic. When he arrived at the polls he ran into a couple things he wasn't expecting.


He said, "I didn't expect it to be this busy now, I should have gotten out here earlier. It's also surprising that they can have all these picket things in a non-partisan way all around."


Credit Amy Robinson
Reporter Nick Westendorp speaks with Ryan, a Clare County voter, about the election, voting, and the signs surrounding the Grant Township Hall.


Ryan said he didn't agree with the signs and felt like they were a bit antagonizing being so close to the voting site.


Of course, others felt differently about the whole thing. Few were willing to make official comments, but many voters expressed excitement seeing signs supporting their candidate outside the polls.


Lucas, age 32, was one of the voters who was happy to see the signs.


He said, "I loved it, I’m just hoping the republicans turn out and make that red wave.”


Love or hate the signs voters were still packing the parking lot and precinct to make their voices heard through voting.