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College political groups optimistic about election

Anthony Quintano |

In a year of unknowns, one thing is for certain: the 2020 election is making news and setting precedent.

This year emphasis on voting has been at the forefront of campaigns.

President of the College Democrat group at Central Michigan University Lance Wood said they’ve been following that emphasis.

“2016 the amount of people that didn't vote was huge,” Wood said. “So changing that going into 2020 and kind of making people realize the importance of their vote is crucial.”

Treasurer of the College Republican group at CMU Gabe Butzky said this election is seeming more impactful than previous elections. 

“2020 alone has been such an impactful year for the US, really the whole world,” Butzky said. “That this election may actually be the most important election in our lifetime. There are a lot of things on the ballot this year that are not necessarily on the ballot every year.”

Butzky said he thinks there are more republicans on college campuses than people may think and he’s optimistic they will turn out for President Trump.

While Wood said students appear to be energized for Tuesday’s election.