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Conservation group sues over Governor’s motorized boat restrictions during COVID-19 outbreak

David Allan Barker

The Michigan United Conservation Clubs are suing Governor Gretchen Whitmer over a ban on operating motorized boats during the coronavirus outbreak.

The United Conservation Clubs argue the order is too broad and unconstitutional.

MUCC Executive Director Amy Trotter said some of their members have already received citations for using motorized boats.

“The words ‘motor’ and ‘boat’ are not even in the executive order. That’s what prompted our action,” she said. “We don’t believe you can enforce a law based on an interpretation of it in the frequently asked questions document.”

Trotter said MUCC understands the public health concerns but believes there are ways to safely launch and use boats during the outbreak.

“This is really about the words in the executive order being enforced based on an interpretation that’s not present in the order itself.”

A spokesperson for the Governor's Office said they do not comment on pending litigation.