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Six Michigan Congressmen criticize Governor’s stay-home stay-safe order

Six Michigan US congressional representatives, all Republicans, are criticizing Governor Whitmer’s stay- home-stay-safe executive order.

In a letter to the Governor the congressman described her order as “arbitrary and internally inconsistent.”

Congressman John Moolenaar was one of the lawmakers behind the letter. He said cordoning off sections of some stores is not consistent or enforceable.

“It just doesn’t make sense and it puts a burden on people that they just don’t need to have as we’re all trying to work together and get through this challenging time.”

Moolenaar said there are ways to keep people safe while still allowing them to go about their lives.

“I think we want to rely on the experts to put in place guidelines that will keep our people safe but allow us to resume activities that we enjoy and need for our economy and to sustain our society.”

A spokesperson for the Governor’s office said they are reviewing the letter.