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Truancy Laws hurting students in Kalamazoo

Activists in Kalamazoo say Michigan’s truancy laws are making it harder for students - especially students of color - to get an education. 

Directors at the Kalamazoo YWCA say they’re working with Democratic State Senator Sean McCann on legislation. It would excuse students for absences that are not excused in the current law. The YWCA’s Demetrias Wolverton says right now, the state ends up punishing students who miss school for reasons beyond their control, such as a family crisis.

"We serve women who are survivors of violence who are staying in our shelter and oftentimes, it is more safe for them to stay in our shelter, with security and with their children than to send them out into the world"

Wolverton says the state’s truancy policy disproportionately affects students of color. He says Senator McCann will introduce a bill, but a date hasn’t been set.