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Legislature sends auto insurance deal to Whitmer

Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Republican leaders in the Legislature say a deal to roll back auto rates will guarantee lower premiums for years to come.

Lawmakers sent the bill to the governor’s desk Friday.

Friday sessions are a rarity in the Michigan Legislature, but Governor Whitmer and legislative leaders saw their window.

Legislative leaders say this plan would roll back rates for most drivers. The savings would be bigger for drivers who choose lower levels of coverage.

State Representative Alex Garza is a Democrat. He says it was tough to vote “yes” for reduced protections. But he says something needs to be done about extraordinarily high auto insurance rates. 

“This bill in no way is perfect, but I truly believe it moves the lines forward, and in some way, we made progress.”

The bill also says insurance companies cannot use credit scores and zip codes to set rates. But other types of regional rate setting would be allowed.