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Amash-Trump Twitter war continues

Flickr User Gage Skidmore

A war of Tweets continues between President Trump and a Michigan Congressman who accuses the President of committing impeachable offenses.

Michigan Republican Justin Amash is the first GOP member of Congress to publicly accuse Trump of obstructing justice.

Over the weekend Amash tweeted that Attorney General Barr deliberately misled the public about the Mueller report, and that the President had engaged in impeachable conduct.

Trump responded with tweets that no one had been charged with the crime of obstruction, and Amash was a “loser” trying to gain attention.

Now Amash is countering that criminal charges are not necessary for Congress to pursue impeachment. Amash is a frequent critic of Trump.

Two years ago the White House Director of Social Media called Amash a liability Michiganders should vote out of office.

This week a state Republican vowed to challenge the Congressman, saying Amash is out of touch with the district he represents.