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Legislature returns – but will likely save big issues for after the election

flickr user: david shane

The state Legislature returns this week – but they’ll likely save big issues for after the election. Although they’re scheduled to meet next week as well –those session days could get canceled.

“I wish I could tell ya that we were ganna solve road funding, tackle other big issues over the next few weeks,” said Senator Curtis Hertel (D-East Lansing). “I’ve seen no indication of that whatsoever, and I think a lot of stuff is going to hold off until lame duck.”

House and Senate spokespeople have confirmed that there won’t be too much going on in their chambers this week. But there are some committees scheduled to tackle major issues.

The House committee on Law and Justice plans to debate bills that would change the definition of a minor in criminal proceedings from under 17 to under 18 years old. Another committee will examine legislation about the Line 5 pipeline that runs under the Straits of Mackinac.

Speaker of the House Tom Leonard also has a one bill he’d like to get wrapped up.

The legislation is an attempt to keep Hemlock Semiconductor and its parent company Dow Chemical from leaving the state’s power grid.

“We’ve gotta get this situation wrapped up to ensure that Dow is going to be able to remain a vibrant and large employer here in the state of Michigan,” Leonard said.

That bill is currently in the Senate.