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Michigan college students sue state over voting laws

Flickr User Paul Sableman

The state plans to fight a lawsuit filed in federal court by a group of Michigan college students.

The students say a law discriminates against young voters.

College students from Michigan State University and the University of Michigan have joined forces for the suit. They say a Michigan law creates barriers for young voters. They want to be able to use their temporary college address to vote, while still keeping a different permanent residence on their driver’s license. Right now, the address on your driver’s license is your voting address and determines your precinct.

Fred Woodhams is a spokesperson for the Secretary of State’s Office. He says the lawsuit comes as a surprise – especially because it was already litigated 20 years ago.

“We’re a staunch motor-voter state. Have been for decades and decades.”

The lawsuit also says the requirement that voters who register by mail cast their first ballot in person is unnecessarily burdensome.