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Veterans Agency says already working to remedy issues with veteran benefits

Flickr User Brett Levin

The state’s veterans agency is working to make sure Michigan veterans receive all the benefits they deserve.


The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency connects veterans with benefits and resources. But a state audit found that its processes aren’t the best for connecting veterans on state assistance with potential federal benefits.

The agency has been working to fix this since July.

James Redford is the Director of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency.

“With the benefit of this audit we recognize that there are areas we need to improve on and we’re working extremely diligently to do so.”

“Our coalition partners are completely on board and helping and they are very motivated as we are to make sure we are doing the best we can for those we have the privilege of serving.”

He says they’ve worked to improve since July.

“We have a special public trust to help as our state agency as a main coordinating point for veterans to make sure that what we’re doing, we’re doing it the best we can.”

Redford says the agency has created a partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services. DHHS will eventually be able to reach out directly to veterans and their families to get them the benefits they’re eligible for.