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As trial date looms, Nassar back in court on multiple issues

Flickr User JD Lasica

The saga of a former Olympics doctor accused of sexually assaulting multiple young girls continued Friday.

Both sides got some things they wanted before trial starts in December.

The judge decided that the trial date should start on time. And the case will stay in Ingham County. The defense had sought a delay and a venue change.

But the judge also dealt a blow to the prosecution.

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina says the fact that Nassar pleaded guilty to child porn possession cannot be brought up at trial.

“Should this child pornography come in it would unfairly prejudice the jury.”

Nassar’s attorneys argued that because the Attorney General’s office has given them tens of thousands of pages of discovery, they need more time to prepare for trial.

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina said no.

“I’m not delaying the trial. Stay up all night if you will, get some extra help, there is time.”

“After he jury heard about these pictures, the sheer number of them, I think the jury would stop listening and simply convict.”

The prosecution plans to appeal. The judge also once again refused to push back the trial date and allowed the prosecution to call other alleged victims as witnesses.