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Snyder hopes Congress will “fix” ACA, restore insurance subsidies

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Governor Rick Snyder says he hopes Congress moves quickly to restore health insurance subsidies that were eliminated last week by President Trump.


More than 156 thousand Michigan consumers use the subsidies to get affordable coverage. Governor Snyder says more study is needed before deciding the state’s next move.

“There are concerns about what this could do to insurance rates in our state.”

Snyder says more study is needed to determine the state’s next move, but he hopes Congress will act quickly to settle things.

“I think there are reforms needed to the Affordable Care Act. Some parts have worked well, others need more work, and the part that needs more work has been in the insurance markets. This makes it more challenging, but hopefully it gets to the point where Congress could hopefully do some bipartisan actions to improve things.”

More than 156 thousand Michigan consumers have subsidized health plans. The subsidies are already the subject of lawsuits. And there could be more legal action to challenge the presidential order to immediately end the subsidies.