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Snyder says he will not fire police chief over Facebook post

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Governor Rick Snyder says there is no reason to fire State Police Colonel Kristy Etue over a controversial Facebook post. Etue has apologized for sharing a meme on her page that called NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem unpatriotic and “degenerates.”

Snyder says the post was “inappropriate,” but he considers the matter settled

“She came out and apologized, and she’s done great service for the state. The way I view it is people make mistakes, she recognizes that, and let’s keep moving forward.”

Members of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus called for Etue’s resignation or termination.

Democratic Senator Ian Conyers says he believes in the First Amendment. But he says it doesn’t protect you from consequences for your speech.

“Members of law enforcement and the military are held to a particular higher standard. In these sensitive times I think we’re starting to believe that culture starts at the top level of the leadership.”

Etue also has defenders in the Legislature. Republican state Senator Rick Jones says she has no reason to apologize.

She has the same First Amendment rights as do the players who take a knee during the national anthem.”

But members of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus say her apology is weak, and have called for her to quit or be removed.

Rick Pluta is the Capitol Bureau Chief for the Michigan Public Radio Network. He is heard daily on WCMU's Morning Edition and All Things Considered.