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Central Focus

Central Focus is a weekly segment diving into the heart of innovation at Central Michigan University. Each week, host David Nicholas uncovers and shares remarkable stories from the CMU campus, highlighting groundbreaking projects and research conducted by students, faculty, and staff members. From cutting-edge studies to notable achievements and published works, Central Focus brings these discoveries to the forefront.

Latest Episodes
  • During the pandemic, CMU's, campus emptied out. What were the effects on student learning, their interaction with faculty. What impacts there regarding mental health?
  • Because everything ends up in wastewater, during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was a valuable resource to figure out what Covid was and what it wasn’t.
  • No longer is the idea that “girls can’t do math and science.” In 2023, CMU received a grant from the National Science Foundation to foster gender inclusivity in STEM.
  • Best practices to include children of color have been adopted in the classroom. Adapting them for afterschool programs is a more recent trend, and the focus of research.
  • When you visit your doctor’s office, gone are the days of huge filing cabinets with paper files for every patient. We’re in the era of Electronic Health Records or EHR.
  • As social media sites and platforms have proliferated, so too has concern over the impact this new universe is having, especially how engagement affects young people.
  • When it comes to brain research, scientists are often looking for correlations with other species. The study of aggressive behavior in fish may help us understand oxidative damage in the human brain.
  • America’s fight for independence brought about many hardships. Many lives were lost, and the young country struggled to remain united in the effort.What is not often part of the history of that time is that there was another enemy facing the colonials, a small pox epidemic.
  • Budding poets do not often get published or win awards while still in school. Time and focus are centered on expanding horizons and honing the craft of writing.Weston Wise, a May 2024 graduate of CMU, is an exception to the norm. He achieved both distinctions, becoming a published and award winning poet, and he did it twice!
  • The incarcerated are in prison for their crimes but are also given the chance to rehabilitate. How do offenders who are released reintegrate into society? Dr. Elizabeth Bradshaw from CMU’s School of Politics, Society, Justice and Public Service has brought together students with inmates from a mid-Michigan prison to learn from each other.