Sara Byks

Student Reporter

Sara Byks is a Broadcasting major at Central Michigan University, and a reporter for WCMU News. She is originally from Mount Clemens, Michigan. Sara likes to learn something new everyday whether it be from a book, a podcast, or a film. In her free time, Sara likes to explore the outdoors with her friends, watch movies, and try new recipes.

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services granted a combined $5,511,000 to clinics across Michigan to improve mental health services.

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Communities around Michigan have seen beaches and even infrastructure go under water this summer. One state park tallying up the cost of the damage.

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The Michigan Department of Corrections is looking to turn a Gratiot county correctional facility into the state’s first green prison.

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Water levels across the Great Lakes region have been high this summer. As the season comes to a close, communities are looking at ways to protect shoreline areas from erosion and flooding into the fall.

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A recent study found that 1.76 million people in Michigan have a mental health illness, but 38 percent of those affected don’t get treatment. Officials said one of the big problems for those in Northern Michigan is finding a mental health professional.