Sara Byks

Student Reporter

Sara Byks is a Broadcasting major at Central Michigan University, and a reporter for WCMU News. She is originally from Mount Clemens, Michigan. Sara likes to learn something new everyday whether it be from a book, a podcast, or a film. In her free time, Sara likes to explore the outdoors with her friends, watch movies, and try new recipes.

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Michigan State Police are cracking down on distracted driving. April 11th marks the beginning of a distracted driving mobilization period across Michigan.

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Researchers are searching for your Kodak moments. A new research project wants your old vacation photos to track sand dune changes in Michigan.

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A recent change in China’s recycling restrictions have caused a surplus of recyclable materials in the United States. The increase in supply is starting to affect business.

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A recent study from Central Michigan University found that border collies could help improve water quality in the Great Lakes.

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Michigan recently introduced a non opioid directive as part of a new law. Officials said this is one of the many efforts to combat the opioid epidemic in Michigan.