Max Cobb

Student Reporter

Max Cobb is a student reporter for WCMU's news department. He reports daily for 'Morning Edition' and 'All Things Considered."

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The dangers of lead have been on many people's minds for a number of years now. And now some residents are being given opportunities to have their homes checked for the poison.

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While many have grown accustomed to today being Columbus Day, there are many people who consider today Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

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Wildlife officials have been more and more concerned with diseases affecting the deer population in recent months, but new data shows populations may not be suffering as much as was feared.

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The aviation industry provides nearly 22 billion dollars annually to Michigan’s economy, and that’s not the only way it benefits the state.

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With November elections coming up fast, there’s a lot on voters’ minds. An event is scheduled in Petoskey to discuss some of the issues on this years ballot.