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Research out of Michigan State University will look at a possible link between opioid overdose and suicide.

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If you want to have a say in deciding Michigan’s next governor, you must register to vote by Tuesday. Governor Rick Snyder is unable to run again due to term limits. That makes this the first time in eight years Michigan residents have a governor’s ballot without an incumbent.

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While many have grown accustomed to today being Columbus Day, there are many people who consider today Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

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Legislation in Michigan would reduce criminal penalties for people who intentionally don’t tell their sexual partners that they have HIV in order to spread the disease.

The bills have stalled in a state House committee.

Ford Motor Company plans cuts to workforce

Oct 8, 2018
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Officials with the Ford Motor Company say the automaker will make cuts to its global, white-collar workforce as part of an ongoing restructuring plan.