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Detroit’s three automakers all spent part of the day today with their stocks in freefall.

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The dangers of lead have been on many people's minds for a number of years now. And now some residents are being given opportunities to have their homes checked for the poison.

PFAS Detected in Gaylord's Water

Oct 9, 2018
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PFAS chemicals have been found in Gaylord’s municipal drinking water.

PFAS compounds are often found in fire fighting foam, they were detected at one testing site in Gaylord’s municipal water.

High exposure to PFAS has been linked to health problems like cancer.

But the amount of chemicals found at one site in Gaylord is only a fraction of what is considered unsafe by the EPA.

The EPA says anything under 70 parts per trillion is safe, 2 parts per trillion were detected in Gaylord.

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Cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue. Just last year, 143 million U.S. consumers were affected  - that’s over half of the U.S. population of adults online. The FBI ranks Michigan 16th in the country for cybercrimes, with a loss of over 25 million dollars in 2017 alone.

October is National Cybersecurity Month, providing an opportunity to arm consumers with information to protect themselves from cybercriminals.

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A Central Michigan University professor helped identify a 22-pound meteorite found by a Grand Rapids man.