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The nation’s mayors want Washington to spend more to fix problems with water infrastructure in America’s cities.

MichMash - UIA Fraud

5 hours ago
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The state Supreme Court will decide whether tens of thousands of people can sue the state after being wrongly accused of unemployment fraud. As part of the weekly series MichMash, Cheyna Roth and Jake Neher talk about how this case could affect anyone in Michigan who’s ever ignored a piece of mail.

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A Bovine Tuberculosis outbreak was detected at an Alcona County cattle farm this week. The infection was detected early due to routine testing, and was easily contained. This herd is the 73rd to be infected in Michigan since 1998.

The outbreak has raised concerns over how Bovine TB may affect hunting season, as whitetail deer in Northeast Michigan remain susceptible to the disease.

Michigan State student killed in East Lansing shooting

5 hours ago

Police in East Lansing are investigating an off-campus shooting that killed a Michigan State University student from Texas.

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You can’t run out the clock on your crimes by moving out of state. That’s state law and the Michigan Court of Appeals upheld that state law Friday.