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The Michigan Supreme Court has appointed a special master to help decide whether a Wayne County judge committed judicial misconduct.

Two female prosecutors have accused Judge Bruce Morrow of making sexually suggestive and explicit comments during a 20-19 homicide trial.

Census workers now going door-to-door

6 hours ago

The U.S. Census Bureau says it has about 15-hundred workers going door-to-door in Detroit, trying to reach those who have not yet responded online, by phone or by mail.

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School districts across northern Michigan are seeing COVID-19 cases pop up just a few weeks into in-person instruction.

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Testing wastewater can rapidly detect COVID-19 outbreaks on college campuses nursing homes and prisons.

Now the state has a 10-million dollar grant to develop a program testing local wastewater across Michigan.


An absentee ballot dropped in the mail no later than the day before the November 3rd elections must be counted. That decision came down today (FRI) from a state Court of Claims judge.