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New CDs from Destroyer, Flo Rida, The Kills

Blender's Elizabeth Goodman discusses Flo Rida's smash hit "Low," as well as albums released this week by Destroyer, Be Your Own Pet, and The Kills.

Trouble in Dreams is the eighth record Destroyer's Dan Bejar has put out. Though most people are more familiar with his work in The New Pornographers, this new record may be his breakout as a solo artist. Goodman calls his work "truly odd, in the best sense."

The Kills, a boy-and-girl duo that some have compared to The White Stripes, just put out Midnight Boom. It's more listenable, less electronic, and more varied than some of the band's earlier work, Goodman says.

Be Your Own Pet, from Nashville, writes spare, aggressive punk that feels fresh to Goodman. The group's second album, Get Awkward, shows off a sense of humor while demonstrating how seriously Be Your Own Pet takes its music.

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