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Carbon/Silicon Spreads 'The News' at SXSW

Carbon/Silicon isn't a chemistry lesson, but rather a collaboration between The Clash's Mick Jones and Tony James of the Billy Idol-fronted Generation X. The band, whose sound veers toward danceable rock, recently played "The News" at the corner of 7th and Red River in Austin, Tex., for SXSW.

The creation of Carbon/Silicon was inspired by the ever-changing methods for disseminating music via the Internet: MP3s, CD burning, peer-to-peer networks, and so on. The band members say they see these changes as a savior to creativity rather than its demise, and that's where their name comes from: The human element, carbon, comes from the soul of Jones, while the computer element, silicon, comes from James' computers. There's a chemistry lesson in there after all.

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