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Saginaw Veterans Affairs Medical Center launches tele-emergency services

Saginaw VA Medical Center
Courtesy Photo
Saginaw Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Entrance at Saginaw Veterans Affairs Medical Center

The Saginaw Veterans Affairs Medical Center has launched a new tele-emergency service for enrolled veterans.

A free program with no co-pay, the tele-emergency service allows for veterans to get the same level and quality of care they would at the VAMC but from the comfort of their own home. Enrolled veterans need only to call the VAMC and press 3 to get diagnosed and be treated for any non-life threatening illness.

Acting chief of staff Dr. Kevin Connolly told WCMU the program helps veterans get treated without having to expose themselves to potentially deadly illness.

"In emergency rooms and urgent care centers, there's a lot of sick people. And when our veterans are sitting in the waiting room, they can be exposed to COVID, flu, other types of illnesses that they will not be exposed to if they are treated directly from home," Connolly said. "So, that's especially important for those who are immunocompromised in this world of COVID."

The VAMC urges any non-enrolled veterans within the area to enroll to be able to gain access to this new option for care.

Brianna Edgar is a newsroom intern covering the Tri-Cities for WCMU.
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